• The Jerec Mk. 1

"His heavy brow overshadows the empty recesses that normally embrace eyes. Jerec has the uncanny ability to overshadow one’s connection to the Force… like a dark cloud. A deep, empowering grasp of your will is what you need." Qu-Rahn

First post, first prop: A Lightsaber!

But not just any Lightsaber, but a specific one who few people will likely recognize. This Lightsaber belonged to the Dark Jedi and Imperial Inquisitor named Jerec, the main villain and final boss of Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II. I’m not sure how many people played this game but if you haven’t I whole-heartedly recommend it, unless you’re a bitch about graphics since the game came out in 1997, in which case you should stop reading this and get back to your Crysis 3 Duty Black Ops 2 Of War 3 Judgement Madden 2013 Pro Athlete God of Killzone 3 Uncharted Ride to Hello Kitty Retribution and Mountain Dew.

I’m referring to this prop as the Mk. 1 because I plan to make at least one more of these once I’ve learned the necessary skill to machine one from metal. This one is made out of various pieces of PVC piping, a wooden dowel, some miscellaneous wood bits, and screws n’ shit.

All in all, I’m very proud of this prop, being the first Lightsaber I’ve made and one of the first major props I’ve ever made.

So for whoever is reading this; stay tuned for more props and alot of Lightsabers!

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